Migrant Children Separated at Border File Claims Against U.S. Government for Sexual Molestation in Federally Funded Foster Care
9 Oct, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
The U.S. Border Patrol has been separating parents from their children at the U.S. and Mexico border and placing some of the children in federally funded foster care homes as an alternative to detention facilities. Some of these migrant children are now filing claims against the U.S. government alleging that they have been sexually abused …
2 Victims File Suit Against Church of St. Patrick for Sexual Abuse by Former Priest
30 Sep, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
Two men have accused a priest, who is now dead, of raping them in the rectory at their Brooklyn parish in the 1980s. The lawsuit, was filed in Brooklyn State Supreme Court, names the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Church of St. Patrick. The victims have accused the Rev. John Abrams of raping them when …
38 Former Students Sue Yeshiva University Over Alleged Sexual Abuse
24 Sep, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
Yeshiva University High School is facing allegations of sexual abuse. After years of failed attempts to sue the institution, 38 former students who allege having been sexually abused by three rabbis and other school staff decades ago are now seeking justice by filing suit under the New York Child Victims Act. The victims allege that …
Survivors File First Lawsuit Against Rockefeller University as Child Victims Act Takes Effect
17 Aug, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
Hundreds of lawsuits hit state courts across New York on Wednesday, August 14th, the first day the new Child Victims Act was in effect. One of these lawsuits was against Rockefeller University (“Rockefeller”). The lawsuit is lodged against Rockefeller University Hospital, long accused of covering up for Reginald MacGregor Archibald, a leading pediatrician at the …
New Lawsuit Reveals More Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Boy Scouts of America
16 Aug, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are facing new allegations of sexual abuse from approximately 800 men nationwide. The former Boy Scouts filed a lawsuit on August 5th alleging that the BSA failed to protect them from sexual abuse at the hands of troop leaders and others in positions of power. The lawsuit claims the …
New York’s Child Victims Act One-Year Window to Revive Claims
13 Aug, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
In February 2019, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the New York State Child Victims Act (CVA) into law. The Act is a groundbreaking piece of legislation that provides victims of child abuse additional time to file criminal and civil claims. Prior to the passage of this law, child sex abuse victims could file criminal …
New York’s Child Victims Act Sets One-Year Revival for Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims
29 Jul, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
New York’s Child Victims Act has exposed institutions and individuals who care for children to civil litigation for claims of child sexual abuse regardless of how long ago the abuse allegedly happened. Before the enactment of this statute, an individual who claimed to have been sexually abused or assaulted as a child was required to …
New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Easing Time Limit on Sexual Abuse Lawsuits
15 May, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation Monday, May 13, 2019 to ease restrictions on when childhood sexual abuse victims can seek damages in court, an action that comes after a wave of details last year about the abuse of minors in the Roman Catholic Church. This new law will significantly impact child victims of …
Jewish Summer Camps Reckon with Abuse Prevention
16 Apr, 2019 Jeff S. Korek 0
Sexual harassment and abuse lurks its ugly head everywhere – even in summer camps. As NJY Camps, a large Jewish camping network, scrambles to recover from a sexual abuse scandal that brought down its longtime director, another Jewish camp, Camp Ramah, is taking the full-on hug off the table for its counselors.