New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Easing Time Limit on Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

15 May, 2019 0 comments
New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Easing Time Limit on Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation Monday, May 13, 2019 to ease restrictions on when childhood sexual abuse victims can seek damages in court, an action that comes after a wave of details last year about the abuse of minors in the Roman Catholic Church.

This new law will significantly impact child victims of sexual abuse because it will allow them more time to come forward and hold their perpetrators accountable for the crimes they have committed.

The New Jersey Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights

The New Jersey Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights allows adults who were sexually abused or assaulted as children to have a much longer time period to bring a civil claim against their perpetrators. Under the new law, the victims can bring a civil lawsuit against their sexual perpetrators, until the age of 55 or seven years after they first realize the abuse caused harm. The current statute of limitations is age 20 or two years after first realizing the abuse caused harm.

In addition, child sexual abuse victims who were previously barred from bringing suit because they had run out of time under existing law will now have an additional two years to file a claim.

The bill further allows victims of child sexual abuse to file actions against institutions that protect the perpetrators due to the negligent hiring, supervision or retention of an employee, agent or servant of a nonprofit corporation, society or association organized exclusively for religious, charitable, education or hospital purposes.

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