The Child Victims Act Provides Relief for Victims of School Campus Sex Abuse & Assault

Sexual abuse continues to be a significant problem in school and college campuses. It is hard to listen to the news and not hear the statistics that one in five college students are sexually assaulted on campus. Sexual violence is also a problem in K-12 school districts, and in 2015, the Education Department’s Office of Civil Right noted a sharp increase in the number of complaints filed K-12 schools for mishandling reports of sexual violence.
Each school day, when students should be benefitting from a safe and healthy school environment conducive to learning, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual abuse compromise their lives at alarming rates. Sexual harassment and assault impair students’ ability to concentrate, compromise their education, cause dropping out, and lead to self-destructive behaviors and suicide.
If you or a loved one has been the victim of campus child sexual abuse, you need to immediately seek legal help to protect your legal rights and get the justice that you deserve.

The Childs Victims Act Provides Relief for Campus Sexual Abuse Victims

New York passed the Child Victims Act on February 14, 2019, amending the statute of limitations to allow child victims of sexual abuse, including campus child sexual abuse, the ability to file a civil lawsuit against the offender and the institution that protected them up until their 55th birthday. Previously campus child sexual abuse survivors only had until their 23rd birthday to seek civil action.
The law also allows all expired claims to be filed after 6 months from the date the statute passed and for the period of one year thereafter. As such, child sex abuse victims have a period of 1 year and 6 months to resurrect their otherwise expired claim.
If you are a victim of campus or school child sexual abuse, or any other type of abuse, you need to learn what the New York Child Victims Act specifically means for you. You only have a small window of time to get justice under this law. It is important to take immediate steps to learn what you need to do under this new law to protect your legal rights before it is too late.

Crisis in Our Schools

Sexual harassment and sexual assault begins in elementary schools and happens with alarming frequency in middle and high schools. The victims are girls, boys and gender non-conforming students. Campus sexual abuse and assault happens on all school campuses across the board.

  • Private School Sexual Abuse. Just because parents pay thousands of dollars each year for tuition, it doesn’t make their children resistant to sexual abuse or assault on campus. Just like public schools, they can be sexually abused by teachers, coaches, staff, volunteers, and other students.
  • Public School Sexual Abuse. Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse in our public schools. Public school sexual abuse cases are generally legally difficult to prove, but the school districts can be held liable for their failure to protect children from sexual abuse by teachers, coaches, staff, volunteers, and other students.
  • School Bus/Transportation Sexual Abuse. Children are often poorly supervised on the bus to and from school, field trips, or other school activities. This failure of proper supervision leaves children vulnerable to sexual abuse on school buses and other school transportation.
  • College and University Sexual Abuse. Just because college students are older than grade school students, it does not mean they are shielded by campus sexual abuse and assault. They are just as, if not more, vulnerable to sexual abuse by coaches, professors, staff and other students.

Children tend to be more reluctant to report abuse, especially abuse that occurs on school campus. These young victims of child sexual abuse often believe that reporting abuse may jeopardize their grades or academia as a whole. As such, most school campus child sexual abuse goes unreported until it is too late to seek legal justice. The New York Child Victims Act was passed with the intention to help victims of child sex abuse in these types of situations.
If you suspect that your child was the victim of campus sexual abuse, or if you were a victim as a child, it is important to immediately take action to protect your loved one’s legal rights.

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If you or a loved one is the victim of coach child sexual abuse, you need to know how the Child Victims Act can help you get the justice you deserve. For more information or to better understand how this law can help you, please call our professional help center at 212-385-4410.

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